GreenTraks Solutions

GreenTraks provides turnkey energy-efficiency and carbon management solutions for your organization. Our solutions create unique opportunities to reduce energy consumption and emissions, while also reducing expenses and improving your image with customers, partners, employees, shareholders, and the public.

GreenTraks answers the questions: Are my energy resources being managed efficiently? Are we maximizing our financial potential? Are we operating with methods consistent with sustainability and energy conservation?

GreenTraks tools help you to uncover opportunities and eliminate risks. Not only can you prioritize project and purchase decisions, but also make comparisons and projections on your most cost-effective and energy-efficient options. Our tools empower your organization to take the important first steps toward sustainability, while creating a process for continual improvement.


Energy Usage Reporting
GreenTraks provides decision-making tools that offer a comprehensive view of your organization's energy usage and emissions.
Real Estate Services
GreenTraks provides reporting and benchmarking on your buildings and facilities to meet regulatory and sustainability needs.
Cities and Counties
GreenTraks provides energy management services and public-private partnerships that help meet your energy and sustainability goals.
Energy Services
GreenTraks refers you to approved vendors to help implement the most cost-effective and energy-efficient initiatives.
Sustainability Marketing
GreenTraks assists you in promoting your efforts to internal and external customers to encourage positive behavior change.
Greentraks in the Classroom
GreenTraks in the Classroom is a supplemental energy and sustainability management program for universities and high schools.
GreenTraks identifies your objectives, collects and verifies your data, and establishes your baseline reporting.
Packages & Pricing
GreenTraks offers a variety of service packages to best meet your needs.


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