Light for Life Program

GreenTraks Light for Life Program changes lives every day. Established in 2014, GreenTraks facilitates giving solar lights to disadvantaged communities through its partner Nokero that supplies the lights, and its distribution partners, Rotary International and Child Fund. 


Children with Boxes of Solar Lights


GreenTraks customers and partners can participate in the GreenTraks Light for Life Program in a variety of ways. Contributions can be made through energy savings or direct purchases and donations. (Learn more and/or donate now).


Additionally, GreenTraks can customize outreach programs with your organization to help light a village or communities. 


Woman Reading Under Solar Light


GreenTraks Green the Greeks 

GreenTraks Green the Greeks is a pilot program for fraternities and sororities. A pilot program at the University of California Davis was sponsored by Theta Chi Fraternity, featuring the GreenTraks Light for Life Program, made possible by GreenTraks and its partners, Nokero, Child Fund, and Rotary International.

This video is an example of a customized program that GreenTraks can administer for your organization. 


Happy Girl with Solar Light


Contact Us and join the GreenTraks Light for Life movement today.