Cities and Counties

Cities, counties, and municipalities are increasingly focused on ways to become more responsible stewards of natural resources, including through effective management of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), as well as cooperation with local businesses, and management of buildings, structures, and facilities.

Organizations such as the American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy (ACEEE) annually rank U.S. cities based on their energy-efficiency efforts, leading to broad exposure of cities’ environmental and economic development strength. Energy-efficiency is recognized as an integral element of utility investment and operations, and energy-efficiency programs are expanding rapidly in an effort to reduce GHG, save money, and generate jobs.




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GreenTraks helps government entities by working to form public-private partnerships that bridge the gap with local businesses by offering supplemental services to meet your goals and requirements. GreenTraks provides cloud-based management of energy usage and GHG for government entities and the communities you serve, by identifying inefficiencies, optimizing performance, and improving your position as a government entity by stimulating your local economy and promoting sustainability. Our uniquely designed services for cities include:


  • Energy and GHG benchmarking and reporting with an industry-leading energy management service, the GreenTraks Energy Manager™
  • Comprehensive reporting of energy and sustainability metrics for your facilities, fleets, and operations, such as electricity, natural gas, water, fuels, and other sustainability and production metrics
  • Automation of utility bill payments and integration with your accounting system
  • Weather-normalized energy-efficiency reporting of project performance, including energy and cost savings, cost avoidance, payback period, and return on investment
  • Automatic benchmarking of your buildings and facilities in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and receiving ENERGY STAR ratings and certifications; and for entities in California, becoming AB 802 compliant
  • Sustainability marketing services for employee engagement and customer outreach


Climate Action Partners Program

The GreenTraks Climate Action Partners Program (CAPP), introduced in 2014, was designed to initiate collaboration among public and private organizations interested in energy-efficiency projects that save energy and money and reduce GHG, but need help getting started. The umbrella program includes: cities, sponsors, vendors, and businesses, along with GreenTraks’ expertise in energy management services to expedite and manage the process.


GreenTraks Experience and Clients
GreenTraks has been assisting government, businesses, and sustainability leaders build platforms that advance the future of their communities. GreenTraks supports cities and local businesses with innovative programs that promote city economic development, sustainability, and energy-reduction action-plan initiatives. Some of GreenTraks energy-efficiency management services and program clients include the City of Sacramento, the City of Palo Alto, City of Benicia, City of Yuba City, and the City of Pittsburg.


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