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According to ENERGY STAR, energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical budgets and accounting for almost 20% of the nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are a commercial real estate owner or investor that needs to reduce costs, increase property value, and meet regulatory and compliance standards, GreenTraks provides on-demand reporting on consumption and project efficiency tracking and benchmarking, that mitigates risk through informed decision making.


Many cities and some states also require mandatory energy disclosure of your building performance. Learn how GreenTraks Compliance Reporting Service works with cities and states throughout North America to help you cost-effectively meet your compliance obligations.


GreenTraks knowledge and qualifications within the industry starts with our founder and CEO Ryan Rogers, a designated Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). Members of our Sales team have a strong understanding of the  Real Estate industry with many years’ experience.

Using GreenTraks, you can achieve a number of benefits including:


Save time and make better business decisions… learn more.
  • Reduce energy costs and improvement in performance management and return on investment: Through accurate Energy Usage Reporting, benchmarking, and ROI calculators, you can evaluate project effectiveness, and measure ongoing building and project performance.

  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards: Fulfill energy audit requirements using tools that calculate key benchmark data and provide easy to read charts and graphs to provide reporting designed to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements such as California's AB 802 and the Federal Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emission program.

  • Meet energy-efficiency ratings and achieve certifications for building value and differentiation: Measure energy consumption to earn a premium on your property by promoting building energy-efficiency ratings and certifications such as ENERGY STAR and LEED. 


GreenTraks recognizes that as owners and investors of real estate, you face a number of challenges including: differentiating your property to increase the asset value, complying with city ordinance and regulatory rulings, and lack of decision-making tools to confidently invest in and implement energy-efficiency projects. The ability to understand consumption, energy efficiency options, and return on investment (ROI) can assist with reducing operational expenses, increasing property values and meeting regulatory and sustainability goals. 


The GreenTraks Process guides you through a simple 4-step process toward achieving your energy management and sustainability objectives. Our cloud-based solution allows you to quickly and easily establish a baseline providing the foundation to benchmark usage and set key performance indicators.


Sustainability Marketing helps you promote your buildings energy efficiency to attract more tenants, reduce building vacancy, receive higher rents, and increase property value, all while promoting your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

With GreenTraks Energy Services, you also have access to a trusted partner network of industry leading vendors and financing to invest in programs maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

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