GreenTraks in the Classroom

GreenTraks provides businesses, government, and educational institutions with a suite of turnkey cloud-based energy-efficiency management and reporting solutions.

With GreenTraks in the Classroom, universities and colleges, companies and non-profit organizations, and professors and students can gain real-world experience through unique energy management curriculum that combines actual business application and sustainability education, while strengthening institutional learning and collaboration with businesses.

Course programs include using the GreenTraks Energy Manager™, providing students with hands-on energy management software experience while enabling them with the tools to learn and apply this knowledge into developing energy management action plans. See GreenTraks in the Classroom program features and benefits to learn more about the advantages of bringing energy management and sustainability to your classroom.

Programs are suitable for departments in Administration, Facilities Management, Accounting, Sustainability or any data and information technology course. With three GreenTraks in the Classroom Packages to select from ranging from simple course extensions to seminars with complete project outlines including online knowledge testing, you can enhance your existing department program and courses with engaging energy management education through:


Interactive Learning Experience:
Increase student knowledge and understanding of energy and sustainability management tools and how they play and critical role in creating and operating a sustainable and socially responsible business.
Strengthen Program Appeal:
Implement unique programs that combine actual business application and education using technology that prepares students for the workforce and increases post-graduate success.
Accelerate Collaboration:
Accelerate learning and collaboration between students and local businesses through projects that engage both academic and business knowledge and success.

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