As a Jobber, are you interested in extending your current energy service offers, generating incremental revenue, and improving your reputation among customers and prospects? If so, once your company is approved and after you've purchased a GreenTraks reseller license, you will receive product and sales training, reseller support, including marketing materials and everything you need to enable your company to successfully resell GreenTraks packaged solutions.

As a GreenTraks approved reseller, you gain the opportunity to access innovative, high-quality offers that enable you to lead the market rather than struggle to catch up. Some of the substantial benefits to becoming a GreenTraks reseller include:

  • Innovate new offers – provide new offers for existing customers and add points of differentiation from your competition
  • Increase customer retention – build stronger business relationships with existing customers
  • Acquire new customers – reach new customers with exciting new offers and by delivering additional value
  • Add new revenue streams – gain incremental recurring revenue that is prepaid, adding stability to your cash flow
  • Improve your reputation – by offering GreenTraks solutions, your company encourages your customers to become more energy efficient and sustainable
Energy and fuel distributors today are facing business challenges due to the economic downturn and reducing volumes due to mandated increases in fuel efficiency standards and fleet conversions to alternative fuels. Likewise, distributors are forced to spend much of their discretionary income on compliance requirements for containment, EVR, and PCI upgrades that drain limited capital that could be used to innovate and improve customer offerings, unlike financial competitors VISA, Mastercard, and other publicly traded companies. And to top it off, consumers and government agencies perceive distributors of petroleum products the same way the major oil companies are perceived – as laggards in the green movement.

Like never before, there is momentum in the green movement. Hybrid cars are on the rise, government agencies are funding fleet conversions for higher fuel efficiency, and much of the talk is about transitioning away from a carbon-based economy. History has shown that as volumes decline and distributors spend capital marketing current offerings, customer accounts merely get traded with competitors in a zero sum game, squeezing down margins and eroding profits.

How is your company planning to respond and prepare for these threats? How will you differentiate your product to gain market share? How will you position your company for the next phase of the energy business?

Learn more about becoming an approved reseller. Complete the online request form and a GreenTraks sales representative will contact you. Upon approval, you will receive a reseller start-up kit that includes standard license agreement, and soon after you'll receive access to the secured online reseller portal, product and sales training, and customer access to the GreenTraks Energy Manager™.

Become a GreenTraks partner-reseller today!