Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions  

1.    What is a green organization?
A green organization is one that chooses to operate in an earth-friendly fashion.  Green organizations work to adapt their policies, practices, and principles so that they produce a positive result for the environment.  Green organizations want to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

2.    Why should I green my organization?
Social responsibility and sustainability are becoming continually more important to businesses and consumers alike.  By “greening” your organization you can: gain a competitive advantage with employees and consumers, save money through implementation of energy saving projects, and demonstrate your organization's commitment to the environment.  

3.    How will new environmental legislation impact my organization?
Depending upon what segment of the industry you operate, it varies on how environmental legislation can impact your organization.  Learn more from our Legislation & Compliance web page, as well as from your state and local agencies, such as from California's CA.gov, to find out how your organization can be impacted.

4.    How can GreenTraks help improve my organization?  
GreenTraks can help improve your organization through its diverse service offerings in energy efficiency and carbon reduction.  Learn how.

5.    How much does it cost to get started with GreenTraks?
See GreenTraks packages and pricing

6.    What does it take for me to get started with GreenTraks?  
GreenTraks makes it easy for you to get started in tracking your energy usage and emissions.  Contact us today. 

7.    How confidential is my information?  
Your organization’s information is secure with GreenTraks.  Individual customer data will not be published or shared to any third party without your prior permission. GreenTraks does reserve the right to aggregate customer data and display it in summary reports; for example, by usage, industry, or other segments where your organization will not be identified. 

8.    What type of savings should I expect?
Savings will vary by organization. Your organization will reduce energy expenses by reducing energy usage, and by postponing purchases that replenish materials and resources through reduction and conservation efforts (i.e. use less, buy less).  Your organization can also improve its return on investment (ROI) through investment in energy-efficient alternatives, and in turn reduce expenses, energy usage, and your carbon footprint.
Read more about increasing profits, limiting risk, improving speed to market and decision making, and enhancing your quality of life. 

9.    What energy sources does GreenTraks track and measure?
GreenTraks tracks energy usage at your facilities, for your fleets and your operations.  Typically, facilities consume electricity, natural gas, and /or propane.  Fleets and operations can consume a variety of fuels, i.e., gasoline, diesel, LPG, etc. GreenTraks can also track water, waste, or other customer specific commodities.   

10.    To what extent are my employees involved with GreenTraks?
Learn how
your employees can make a big impact towards your savings and sustainability goals.

11.    Why is it important to track energy consumption?  
By tracking your energy consumption you are able to mitigate risks and better act on opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, enhance your brand image, and be a environmentally responsible organization.  Learn more.

12.    What is a Carbon Footprint?
A carbon footprint is “the total set of GHG emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, product or event” (UK CarbonTrust 2009).  In laymen’s terms, a carbon footprint is the impact your activities have on the environment. See the GreenTraks Carbon Footprint White Paper.

13.    What actions can I take to lower my carbon footprint?
There are a number of actions end users can take to lower their carbon footprint, but it all starts with benchmarking your current GHG profile.  From there a strategy can be developed and implemented.  However, most states are considering a requirement that an independent third party to verify actual emissions reductions. See the GreenTraks Carbon Footprint White Paper.

14.    How can I learn more about carbon management? 
See GreenTraks videos and white papers to learn more about carbon managment.  See also GreenTraks Energy Emissions Reporting solution to learn how you can manage your energy and carbon footprint. 

15.    How long does it take to get set up on GreenTraks?
Setup time is primarily dependent on customer data acquisition.  GreenTraks will collect at least 12 months of prior energy consumption to determine baseline measurements of energy usage and emissions. When customer data is readily available and the assessment has been completed, it normally takes GreenTraks between 2-4 weeks to set up and activate a new account.  
See the GreenTraks Process for more information.  

16.    Do I need to download software to work with GreenTraks?  
You will not need to download software to utilize GreenTraks services, and GreenTraks does not require any access to your organizations systems. GreenTraks can provide custom integration to your organization's accounting system. Contact us for more information.

17.    What type of training and support does GreenTraks provide?
GreenTraks is an intuitive and easy-to-use energy tracking and carbon management software-as-a-service. GreenTraks provides a variety of online help tools to get you started.  GreenTraks is available to answer any of your questions from 9am – 5 pm PT.  

18.    What services does GreenTraks offer to help my business be more successful?
GreenTraks provides turnkey energy and carbon management solutions for your organization. Learn more.

19.    What is the difference between LEED and Energy Star?  
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)   provides building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.  LEED promotes sustainable building and development practices through a suite of rating systems that recognize projects that implement strategies for better environmental and health performance.  Energy Star is a government backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through energy efficiency products and practices.  

20.    Who has access to the information about my building in  Portfolio Manager?
For larger organizations, GreenTraks (powered by EnergyCAP), automatically imports your building information into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Your GreenTraks project manager and GreenTraks administrators have access to directly modify organization's information.

21.    What kind of reports will I get?
GreenTraks Energy Usage Reporting solutions offer comprehensive views of your organization's energy usage and emissions from which you can make better business decisions. See the individual reporting solutions under Energy Usage and view and request Sample Reports. 

Questions and Answers for GreenTraks Resellers & Partners:

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