GreenTraks Process
Work with GreenTraks and follow this simple 4-step process:



Step 1: TRACK is the first and continual step toward effective energy management and achievement of sustainability objectives for your organization. GreenTraks performs a needs assessment, collects and verifies your organization's energy usage data, establishes a baseline year of reporting energy and emissions, and facilitates your ongoing access to online tracking and marketing communications tools. GreenTraks also helps you develop targets and a roadmap to meet your sustainability objectives.


Once you are tracking energy usage and carbon emissions with GreenTraks, your online reports are available always and updated monthly according to your organization's energy invoices. Your organization's energy usage is verified for accuracy to meet the compliance standards of several greenhouse gas (GHG) protocols. And when automated data-capture is unavailable, GreenTraks performs the necessary manual data entry per energy product, relieving your staff from this burden.


By tracking your overall energy usage and emissions you can effectively measure your energy consumption and better control costs. Knowing where and how your organization uses energy—across each individual location and operating unit—you can meet your sustainability objectives and improve your operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and increase profitability.





Step 2: COMPARE follows after you have established a tracking program with GreenTraks, and it allows you to make informed business decisions by analyzing, prioritizing, and selecting from among your best and worst performing energy assets over time.


GreenTraks reporting solutions provide easy-to-use, transparent, and a single view of your organization's diverse energy usage and carbon emissions. Through personalized dashboards and numerous automated reports, managers and executives can access vital metrics and comparison tools that empower you to take action on reduction and efficiency strategies.


Reports are generated using the GreenTraks Energy Manager (GEM), our software-as-a-service (SaaS) application available to customers, by logging in at GEM has been developed with robust interactive, comparison & analysis, charting, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Comparison analysis of energy usage and emissions statistics is available over user-defined time periods and between facilities, fleets, energy efficiency projects and alternatives, and between other energy assets.





Step 3: SAVE is what you will do by implementing GreenTraks solutions; specifically, your organization profits by becoming more energy efficient, by maximizing resources, and by protecting the environment. The strategic opportunities to better managing energy resources are significant, and the clear path to achieving these benefits is through following the GreenTraks process and creating and following a systematic cohesive energy management strategy. Here are some of the benefits your organization can realize:


Increase profits – increase profits through both reduction and growth: reduction by increased energy efficiency, reduced costs, and elimination of waste, and growth by increased customer acquisition, retention, and shareholder value


Limit risk – limit risk by meeting customer expectations and by meeting reporting and compliance standards


Improve Speed – improve speed to market and decision making by leveraging technology and becoming aware of your organization's comprehensive energy usage and carbon emissions


Enhance quality of life – enhance the quality of life for your employees, partners, customers, and their families and future generations by reducing pollution and its detrimental impact on the environment and climate change





Step 4: SHARE is how you promote the benefits of your organization's sustainability efforts and success by empowering your team, partners, and others with the initiative to take action and impact change through their energy efficiency commitments.


Sustainability marketing is not about how much an organization promises to do, but instead of communicating its actions both inside and outside the organization. By publicly disclosing results to employees and other energy users, and when they become aware of what they consume, they're more likely to change bad behaviors. The GreenTraks Marketing Tool Kit enables you to share your organization's success, promote your efforts internally and externally, and demonstrate your industry leadership. It helps to enhance your identity as a sustainable company, reach new customers, and avoid "greenwashing" or overstating your organization's efforts.


Another aspect of SHARE is that organizations are encouraged to anonymously share their energy consumption data for use only in aggregate benchmarking. What if every organization shared its results of optimizing its energy efficiency projects? Imagine the benefits we could collectively and individually reap from best practices and positive behavior change? After all, we're all in this together. We can all do our part, and benefit from our shared efforts.