Vendors & Manufacturers

GreenTraks energy and carbon management solutions are the most cost-effective and simple way for vendors and OEMs to track and report on energy efficiency projects.  We provide tools to validate energy-, emissions- and cost-savings for end customers.   GreenTraks solutions assist vendors and OEMs with acquiring and retaining customers and help to evaluate projects based on their return on investment (ROI).

As an energy vendor or manufacturer (OEM), you have the ability to resell GreenTraks solutions and become a partner in your customer’s successful project implementations.  If you are looking for innovative ways to sell your products there is nothing more effective than showing your clients tangible results.  GreenTraks solutions allow you to track and benchmark the performance of energy projects, and promote your organization by validating project success.

By working with GreenTraks to track and benchmark your customer’s projects you will be able to:


  • Show ROI:  Continual tracking will provide your customers their cost savings over time  
  • Add value to your existing offer:  Tracking energy consumption helps to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Acquire new customers:  Successful results are great selling points for future clients
  • Add new revenue streams:  Gain incremental recurring revenue
  • Build a green identity:  By offering the GreenTraks solutions, your company encourages its customers to become more energy efficient and sustainable while creating a positive green image of your organization

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