Behavior Change

Just like other important initiatives, implementing a successful energy management strategy depends on your people. Their buy-in, engagement, and participation are vital for gaining traction and making a difference both to the bottom line and the environment. Fortunately, most people want to do the right thing. In fact, according to a recent study by PG&E and Kelton Research, 71% of consumers believe it should be a priority for companies to do what they can to address climate change.

It all begins with raising awareness of your organization’s commitment to becoming more energy-efficient and reducing carbon emissions. When you regularly communicate and share information about your sustainability program, your people serve as agents of change through their individual and collective behavior. Turning off or hibernating computers, recycling paper and plastic, keeping the air conditioner set a few degrees above normal in the summer, carpooling to work, for example, all add up to many dollars in savings and make a lot of sense.       

We call it Green Education: measuring sustainability literacy, providing learning tools, and informing your people how they can make a difference. When combined with communicating the organization’s sustainability performance verses industry benchmarks and best practices, Green Education connects meaning to action. And providing incentives to those who contribute helps to build a culture of positive behavior change and lasting sustainability. Simply letting your people know their input and efforts matter, they become the difference-makers and create greater overall value to your organization. 

Learn more about the significant strategic opportunity of implementing a sustainability plan and why it's important to avoid the risks of inaction, and when you're ready to take action to achieve positive behavior change, select GreenTraks Solutions.











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