Strategic Opportunity

A fundamental shift in business is occurring creating significant opportunities for organizations. In a recent survey of business leaders, 58 percent responded that energy management was extremely or very important, and 71 percent are paying more attention to energy efficiency than they were a year ago (Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator). "Business leaders across the U.S. are increasingly aware of the need for energy efficiency and its potential to reduce operating costs while cutting greenhouse gas emissions…" said the president of Johnson Controls building efficiency division.

Business leaders have recognized that adopting sustainable practices can generate substantial financial and organizational benefits that also positively impact the environment. Below are many of the strategic and tactical benefits that your organizations can achieve:


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Reduce Costs


  • Reduce energy expenses by reducing energy usage
  • Postpone purchases that replenish materials and resources through reduction and conservation efforts (i.e. use less, buy less)
  • Improve your return on investment (ROI) through investment in energy-efficient alternatives, and in turn reduce expenses, energy usage, and your carbon footprint


Grow Revenue


  • Acquire new customers interested in doing business with organizations engaged in sustainable initiatives
  • Win new business through development of unique green offers, and enhance existing offers by adding sustainability components


Enhance Operational Efficiency


  • Increase business efficiencies by optimizing energy usage
  • Make better and informed decisions by identifying problems and opportunities revealed through recurrent reporting
  • Save time and money by using easy-to-use energy and always-accessible online and mobile energy management tools
  • Improve performance and accelerate outcomes by executing best practices to measure, model, analyze, and implement initiatives
  • Recognize energy-efficiency opportunities by comparing organizational and industry benchmarks against measurement of facilities, fleets, and operations
  • Insure reporting accuracy and oversight through the automated collection, aggregation, and verification of energy data


Enhance Brand


  • Differentiate your organization and enhance your brand and market share by promoting your sustainability successes
  • Be recognized as a leader for your positive sustainable actions


Mitigate Risks


  • Avoid regulatory threats by becoming aware of pending legislation that may impact your organization
  • Protect profitability by taking control of business processes to optimize energy and resource consumption
  • Enhance and protect the organization’s reputation by engaging in sustainability initiatives
  • Increase management peace of mind by being aware of the organization’s energy performance


Be In Compliance


  • Comply with new carbon reporting requirements and other pending legislation
  • Create competitive advantage to comply with reports mandated by governing bodies by leveraging energy tracking technology


Achieve Sustainability


  • Protect the environment and conserve resources by reducing energy usage
  • Limit harmful greenhouse gas emissions that are attributed to climate change
  • Invest in sustainable energy strategies that benefit the environment, and optimize returns on capital investment
  • Achieve community adoption of sustainability initiatives by setting an example and being recognized as an early adopter of sustainability
  • Achieve the quality and balance of a sustainable lifestyle


Engage Your Team


  • Maximize staff productivity by educating employees on the long-term benefits of energy reduction strategies and spreading awareness of energy usage
  • Boost company morale and sense of company engagement and value due to adoption of sustainability initiatives
  • Retain and recruit staff more easily and improve employee satisfaction by embracing an enhanced green identity


Maximize Shareholder Value


  • Increase long term value and investment attractiveness by implementing long term sustainable efforts
  • Enhance overall corporate health by engaging in sustainability plans that limit risks and improve profitability
Many of these benefits can be recognized when engaging in a sustainability plan.  In addition, the cumulative behavior change of your employees, partners, and vendors will amplify your results and have the greatest impact on how efficient your organization uses its resources.  The benefits are significant – why wait any longer?  Get started today with GreenTraks Solutions.



“What began as a seemingly altruistic endeavor, then shifted to a way to cut costs and improve reputation, has become a fundamental business competency, alongside accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, customer service, procurement, knowledge management and others. Indeed, in some firms, green thinking is becoming embedded in each of these other disciplines, increasingly woven into the corporate fabric. That has made green strategy and practices ever more valued, seen by top brass as a way to cut costs, improve operations, foster innovation, engage employees and satisfy customers — all critical during tough economic times.”
- The State of Green Business, GreenBiz