Sustainability Marketing

Once considered a trend, sustainability represents a fundamental change in how companies, government agencies, and other groups do business today. These organizations realize the importance of energy and natural resource efficiency, and in the wake of the current economic crisis, are focusing on cost reduction measures that also benefit the environment.

The GreenTraks Sustainability Marketing solution recognizes too that brand reputation, market share, and shareholder value depend on sustainable operations, especially as customers become more aware of their organizational business practices. In a recent national Gallup Poll, 77 percent of American consumers believed that companies need to do more to protect the environment.

Sustainability marketing is not about how much an organization promises to do, but instead is about planning for action and communicating results both inside and outside the organization. The GreenTraks Sustainability Marketing solution provides online and offline tools in a robust Marketing Toolkit to facilitate your planning and communications, including:


Branding & Identity:
Recognition confirming your organization's commitment to sustainability and performance achievement, including official letters, plaques, and access to GreenTraks branding rights, as well as rights to Energy Star branding, if qualified.
Public Relations:
Information and media release materials to help you tell your organization's story of its sustainability accomplishments.
Marketing & Promotion:
Ongoing green education materials and training including the GreenTraks sustainability guidebook, employee and approved-vendor surveys, and templated collateral materials that promote your green efforts internally and externally, including broadcast email messages, flyers, posters, advertisements and more.

Our GreenTraks Marketing Tool Kit enables your organization to demonstrate its industry leadership by taking the first steps in becoming more sustainable and by sharing your success. It provides you with the ability to engage your employees and help them maximize the effectiveness of your green strategy—a vital element to sustainability marketing—and to share progress with your external audiences.

The GreenTraks Sustainability Marketing solution works to enhance your brand and further your identity as a sustainable company, while improving public and media perception of your corporate profile, reaching new customers, and avoiding "greenwashing" or overstating your organization's efforts.


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