In the Assessment phase, GreenTraks helps you develop targets and a roadmap to meet your sustainability objectives. Additionally, we collect and verify your energy-related data, and determine your organization’s baseline reporting. Our Assessment steps include:  

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  • Discovery: Our team surveys representatives from your organization to identify energy uses and sources including property locations and facility details, fleets, operations, and utilities to be included in your organization’s energy and carbon footprint reporting, also known as your greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory.

  • Identify Scope: GreenTraks identifies the scope of direct and indirect emissions by categorizing each energy source and operational unit as Scope 1, 2 or 3 according to GHG reporting standards, to comply with International Standards Organization (ISO) Standard 14064.

  • Collect and Verify Data: GreenTraks collects and verifies your energy-related data from all identified sources, including third-party energy and fuel service providers and property managers. Each emissions source is reviewed for accuracy by checking data against original records, plotting categories of data to locate outliers and assessing unexpected data trends.  We establish automated connections, including electronic data interchange (EDI) with third-party providers for more efficient data communication and processing.  Additionally, we survey your employees and pre-approved partners to determine their level of environmental awareness, and awareness of your organization’s specific progress in sustainability

  • Establish Baseline: The verified energy and emissions data, and qualitative data collected from surveys, are processed and aggregated to form your organization’s energy profile. This cumulative information establishes the baseline and is presented through the GreenTraks Energy Manager™.  The baseline serves as your initial carbon footprint report from which future progress towards your objectives can be measured.


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