Fleet Reporting
The GreenTraks Fleet Reporting solution allows you to measure and manage fuel and carbon emissions for your organization’s fleet. GreenTraks’ automated fleet reports provide the transparency that executives and managers need to better manage overall fleet performance.  Our easy-to-use analytical and comparison tools provide actionable information necessary to take steps on fuel reduction and efficiency strategies.  

GreenTraks Fleet Reporting – Benefits
  • Improve your fuel efficiency and performance by finding exceptions in fuel reporting data
  • Compare industry benchmarks that impact decisions on routes, drivers, and vehicles
  • Better manage your fleet of vehicles by tracking fleet-card level transactions
  • Create a "green fleet" by recognizing and reducing emissions and purchasing carbon offsets



Available around the clock and updated each month, your online reports are verified for accuracy and quality-checked to meet the compliance standards of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.  When automated data capture is unavailable, GreenTraks performs the necessary manual data entry per energy product, relieving your staff from this burden. No longer does your organization need to support multiple staff and tracking methods using spreadsheet applications to continually monitor and measure your fleet’s energy usage and emissions.

Your online reports are secure and accessible on GreenTraks secure servers, with specific access rights granted to your company representatives based on the needs of their position. Reports are generated using the GreenTraks Energy Manager™, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) application powered by award-winning EnergyCAP® software, and available to customers by logging in at greentraks.com. GreenTraks has been developed with robust interactive, charting, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities, and can be deployed for organizations with a single site or scaled to accommodate numerous users at multiple locations.

The Fleet Reporting solution is available in the Advanced Reporting package or as an add-on to another package. Please see Packages & Pricing.